Migration from DCI Ansible Agent

The DCI OpenStack Agent used to be named dci-ansible-agent. The name was confusing we we decided to rename it dci-openstack-agent. To transition to the new package you have to follow a couple of manual steps.

First, install the new agent:

# yum install -y dci-openstack-agent

You must now disable the dci-ansible-agent:

# systemctl stop dci-ansible-agent.timer
# systemctl stop dci-ansible-agent
# systemctl disable dci-ansible-agent.timer
# systemctl disable dci-ansible-agent

Now you can rename the configuration files:

# cp -Rv /etc/dci-ansible-agent/* /etc/dci-openstack-agent/
# sed -i 's,/dci-ansible-agent",/dci-openstack-agent",' /etc/dci-openstack-agent/settings.yml
# cp -Rv /var/lib/dci-ansible-agent/.ssh /var/lib/dci-openstack-agent/.ssh
# cp -Rv /var/lib/dci-ansible-agent/*.tar /var/lib/dci-openstack-agent/
# restorecon -R /var/lib/dci-openstack-agent/
# chown -R dci-openstack-agent:dci-openstack-agent /var/lib/dci-openstack-agent/

Finally you can mask the old service restart the agent with the new one:

# systemctl mask dci-ansible-agent.system
# systemctl start dci-openstack-agent.timer
# systemctl start dci-openstack-agent

You do not need to manually remove the dci-ansible-agent rpm. It will be automatically remove by an update in the future.

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