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Red Hat Certification: Manually restart the certification test-suite

DCI runs the Red Hat Certification test-suite at the end of a deployment. It's configuration is stored in the /etc/redhat-certification-openstack directory. /etc/redhat-certification-openstack/tempest.conf is the configuration file of tempest. You can manually re-run a certification test with the following command:

$ ssh stack@undercloud
# rhcert-ci run --test cinder_volumes

In this example, cinder_volumes is the name of the test to re-run.

rhcert stores the log of the run in a directory in /var/log/rhcert/runs. For instance /var/log/rhcert/runs/1/openstack/ is the result of the first run.

# cd /var/log/rhcert/runs
# ls
1  2

Here we have two directories, each of them are the results of a rhcert run. The first one was probably triggered by the agent automatically.

# cd 1
# ls
openstack  rhcert

# cd openstack/
# ls
cinder_volumes  director  sosreport  supportable

# ls cinder_volumes/
boot-tempest.log clone-tempest.log encryption-tempest.log migrate-tempest.log output.log quota-validation_report.json snapshot-validation_report.json volume-validation_report.json boot-validation_report.json clone-validation_report.json encryption-validation_report.json migrate-validation_report.json quota-tempest.log snapshot-tempest.log volume-tempest.log

Here we have the results of different sub-test run by rhcert. The most important file is output.log, it will give you a global overview of what have been run and the status of the different test.

Red Hat Certification: How to skip its execution

Some users might want to skip the certification tests suite. This can be done via the settings file by adding skip_certification: true to settings.yml file.

Red Hat Certification: How to add certification tests

By default, the agent will only run three rhcert tests: 'self_check', 'supportable' and 'director'. If you want to test a cinder/manila/neutron driver you will have to update the tests list and add the associated tests. For instance, if you want to run the cinder volumes certification tests:

$ vim /etc/dci-openstack-agent/settings.yml
  - self_check
  - supportable
  - director
  - cinder_volumes

You can find the list of the OpenStack tests available on the Openstack Certification ansible role page

How to install the Red Hat Certification UI on the remoteci (and anywhere else)

You cannot install the redhat-certification interface on the remoteci. This is because of dependency conflict. However, you can use the docker image:

# docker pull
# docker run -d  -p 8080:8080 --restart always --name rhcert

Please visite the redhat-certification-management image reference page if you need more details.