Source code for dci user interface. https://distributed-ci.io dci-ui is a static web app pluggable through CORS on a DCI server.

Work In Progress

We recently migrate DCI from AngularJS to React. The bundle size optimization will be done in the future.

Getting started

To run the app in development mode follow those steps:

  • clone this repository
  • ensure DCI api is listening on localhost:5000. See dci-dev-env. An alternative is to change apiURL to https://api.distributed-ci.io in src/config.json file.
  • install node dependencies: npm install
  • run the development server : npm start

Build tools

To manage the workflow the project use npm scripts

Command list:

  • npm start: start web server with live reload
  • npm run build: build application in build/ folder
  • npm run test: start unit test

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